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Birzon Jewelers

Birzon Jewelers, a division of Sid Birzon Incorporated has been providing the Buffalo New York area with fine jewelry at affordable prices since 1952. Sid Birzon Incorporated was started and operated by two brothers, Sidney and Gerald Birzon. They began as wholesalers, selling jewelry throughout the northeastern United States. Our Legacy has been built on our longstanding customer satisfaction with each and every piece of jewelry we sell. In 2005, Birzon Jewelers sought a new direction.

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The legacy of our company has been built on selling affordable engagement rings throughout the northeastern part of the United States. When you select a diamond from our company, you can rest in the peace of mind that we provide customers with first-rate choices that are the best of anywhere around.

Engagement Rings in Buffalo

We are proud of the unmatched quality and friendly service related to our fine jewelry. When you buy the love of your life a diamond, you are not only buying a diamond, you are buying the key to her heart. Shouldn’t the sparkle of the diamond match your soulmate’s eyes when you propose to her? Our knowledgeable and friendly staff members can point you in the direction of an excellent-quality diamond. We will ensure that the wedding ring received is nothing but the best, and we have set a longstanding goal of maintaining customer satisfaction. Isn’t that the type of jewelry store that is worth your time? You want one that will protect your investment.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]